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Our Constitutional Republic has been severely damaged by our treasonous government leaders we placed our trust in.

They call us deplorable and desire to enslave us by undermining every aspect of our beautiful country with their tyranny and deception.

They have driven a wedge into the heart of American civility and have created a false ethos of divisiveness and hatred among the various cultures comprising our rich diversity of people from around the world.

We used to honor our leaders and heroes and now we are trapped in a syndrome of race-baiting and unprovoked attacks against police and people representing the establishment that have nothing to do with the nexus of the problems confronting us.


We are striking out in needless frustration against our fellow citizens and it’s all been contrived by the predatory class to destroy our culture, society, and way of life from within.

We can stop this wave of destruction by simply sharing the information about how we are being manipulated, controlled and miss led by our government, our media, our education system and our culture molded by the predatory class operatives located in all our trusted organizations.


We are being lied to and manipulated by an evil decadent predatory class bent on enslaving us for their personal benefit into a hopeless, apathetic, mindless degradation of slavery for their exclusive benefit.


These sub-human anomalies of our species look upon us ordinary citizens as deplorable and expendable.


It’s time that we take back our world and re-install the American way of life that supported our Constitutional rights and recognize every citizen for the incredible potential that they possess once their brilliance is encouraged to shine.


Our challenge is to help each and every citizen to recognize their brilliance and promote their ability to become the person of their dreams.


Imagine a world where people are all harmonically cooperating to create the perfect environment for raising our children in communities dedicated to learning and personal growth.


If we treat people with respect and expect great achievements from them, we will create a world dedicated to the attainment of higher consciousness for all human beings.

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