Each of your fans following your daily news items and videos has the potential for becoming entrepreneurs in their own right and helping you spread your message to the world while making an additional income for themselves and their family.


In our own way, we are replacing the Mainstream Media with an alternative point of view aiming at bringing the Truth back to news reporting.


We are proposing a means by which you and your fellow alternative news broadcasters can achieve your goal of returning the reporting profession to an ethical truthful standard without abdicating your personal value system to a national propaganda news network controlling the way you report the facts. You are a true American Patriot and hero for your stand! Congratulations!


Here is the exciting possibility: If 1 to 1.5% of your followers decided to become Thrive Factor Members of the Entrepreneurial Roundtable under your sponsorship and let's assume that this number of followers equals 154, your immediate monthly income would  increase by $10,010.


This increase in your monthly salary is nice but consider what happens when each of your new TFI entrepreneurs begins to spread your message and attract an average of 6 members to each of their truth-seeking groups. Your potential income grows from $10K per month to $22 million per year. Your network of active political influencers has grown from the original 154 followers to 239,000 active participants in your network making an income in their own right while actively following your reports and spreading your message to their network.



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