2020, The Year of Your Great Awakening!



May 20, 2020


“Don’t let anyone kill your dream. Life is too short to abandon your dream based on a flippant comment from a Dream-Killer. If you give up your dream, you give up your reason for existence in this time and place. Never give up on your dream! Never!”

I am sure this event has happened to anyone and everyone reading this blog today. You have a dream about something really important to you that you would like to see happen in your life. Suddenly the light comes on and you figure out how your dream can become a reality. Your life changes as the surge of enthusiasm floods into every pore of your existence. Sleeping becomes difficult as you mull over every detail of your emerging plan to accomplish your dream. Along your path to success, you write down the preliminary plan required to move forward. Eventually, you gain enough confidence in your plan to share it with someone you believe in in your family or circle of friends.

Unbeknownst to you, the killer of dreams and aspirations lies in wait for your idea. This idea killer is in every family and every circle of friends and associates. The personal agenda and intentions of these idea killers vary from hate to unconditional love, but it doesn’t matter because if you listen to the advice of people who have never accomplished a seemingly impossible dream, you will end up like them on the scrapheap of forgotten possibilities and expired opportunities.

These dream killers are deadly and should be avoided at all costs, but I have found another type of human being to be the most egregious and discouragingly detrimental to the entrepreneurial spirit. These are the willfully ignorant.  Willful ignorance is the state and practice of ignoring any sensory input that appears to contradict one's inner model of reality. At heart, it is almost certainly driven by confirmation bias, the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.


We all suffer from confirmation bias to some extent. We all wish some level of acceptance from our family and peers, and we like to associate with like-minded people, but in my opinion, there is no excuse for stupidity. We have all been endowed with the capacity to learn and perhaps the most unforgivable human characteristic is willful ignorance better known as Intentional Stupidity.

So please understand that the willfully ignorant are Dream-Killers as well because they will always give you their ignorant opinions based on zero effort on their part to become enlightened about the facts. While you should banish these people from your life because of their negative influence, we must all remember that they have the right to be stupid and ignorant protected by the first amendment to our Bill of Rights under our Constitution.

“But, Don’t ever give up on your dreams because of these well-intentioned Blood Suckers of original ideas. Our world depends on people like you to bring to life new ideas for a better tomorrow!”

Warm regards,

Bill Hultquist, CEO

Patriot Network











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Brian Rose
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  1. The Greatest Form of Control is Dependency

  2. We Are Living in a Nazi World

  3. No Problem, Reaction, Solution

  4. The Secret Plan of Our Governments to Turn the West into China

  5. The Virus Scam

  6. The Power of Doing What is Right

  7. Fixing Figures

  8. The Italian Case

  9. The Corruption of the Medical System

  10. The Flaws with Models

  11. Politicians are Part of the Scam

  12. Are Hospitals Really Warzones?

  13. The Real Reasons Behind the Lockdown

  14. A Question for Mr Gates

  15. The Secrecy Around 5G

  16. The Effects of 5G on Human Health

  17. The Dangers of AI

  18. The Plan to Erase Human Interaction

  19. Vaccines and Nano Bots

  20. Love is the Way of Life

  21. Love Will Save Us




I wonder how many people are aware of just how dangerous Agenda 21 is to the future of our unalienable rights guaranteed by our Constitution? Do you think anyone is listening after the generations of mind-numbing propaganda we have been fed by our Marxist education system and the Mainstream Media? I doubt it. Unfortunately, it seems that our most honorable citizens have been co-opted by this wacky Globalist, One World Order conspiracy to enslave us all. Please read and consider the above article before embracing the religion of the far-left extremist Socialists. You'll be sorry if you jump into their dystopian hell pit of desperation where there is absolute feudal-like control of everyone and everything. The siren song of Socialism is the advent of hell on earth for those that succumb to its evil agenda. Read, watch the video, become aware and awaken to our new reality, and join our Second American Revolution to rid the world from the entrapment of their dehumanizing Socialist Plan called AGENDA 21!   (To learn more, CLICK HERE!)


Thrive Factor Business Rationale:


The American Constitution is founded on solid Conservative Judeo-Christian Values[1]. Our Constitution and our values have been under active assault since the publishing of the Communist Manifesto in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels[2].


This assault has been funded and controlled by the world’s richest individuals and Monarchs[3]. We have named these people the Predatory class because their avowed aim is to enslave our planet under a one world order and government depriving, we the people of our God-given rights guaranteed under our Constitution[4].


The history behind this movement is outlined in footnotes attached and our Thrive Factor Website is devoted to helping clarify the facts leading to the Great Awakening[5]. The Great Awakening is necessary to counter the overwhelming mind-numbing programming that our population has been subjected to without our consent or knowledge[6].


To accomplish a Great Awakening, Conservatives must adopt new strategies to counteract the ingrained perceptions and beliefs that the average citizen has been compromised with. The average citizen is aware that something terrible has happened to our world but cannot reconcile or determine the root causes because of their compromised perceptions and beliefs reinforced by their family, friends and contacts having been similarly compromised[7].


To reverse negative psychological programming in our communities, the Thrive Factor Management Team is recommending that we form truth-seeking study groups in every community across the United States. These grass-roots groups will be self-funding Political Action Committees formed for the purpose of spreading the truth to our citizens to encourage the election of conservative congressmen and senators pledging allegiance to our Constitution and our freedom and sovereignty as a unified nation.


This movement will be dedicated to taking back our government from the Marxist Socialists currently inhabiting 50% or more of the elected seats in our government[8]. This movement is in consonance with Donald Trump’s inaugural promises to Make America Great Again by draining the Swamp[9]. We the electorate must see to it that our population wakes up to the dangers behind the siren song of SOCIALISM that our younger generation has been infected with[10].


[1] https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2007/10/judeochristian_values.html


[2] https://brians.wsu.edu/2016/11/04/karl-marx-and-friedrich-engels-the-communist-manifesto-1848/


[3] https://people.howstuffworks.com/communism2.htm


[4] https://truth11.com/2009/08/06/new-world-order-organizational-chart/


[5] The Story behind the Committee of 300


[6] The Great Awakening


[7] Mind Control


[8] History of Socialism in America


[9] President Trump’s Inaugural Speech explained


[10] The Siren Song of Socialism


March 25, 2019 The Core Issue Facing our Constitutional Republic


The insidiously evil Predatory Class has been utilizing the insanely fanatical extremism of the left to implement their plan of eroding American values and destroying America from the inside out. Their plan has been very successful so far. Our population has become mind-numbed by the propaganda spewed out by the Main Stream Media. Our youth have been mentally euthanized by the government education system inundating young people with untruths undermining their precious and natural altruism with hate speech, stories of racial unfairness and bigotry, religious intolerance, gender selection and confusion, all contributing to a state of divisiveness and cynicism.


The subconscious entrainment of a society to embrace abortion as a woman’s right seems on the superficial aspect to be a compassionate act in the defense of women. This is why we call this movement insidious because its proponents label the act of abortion for what it’s not rather than what it is. The act of abortion is the brutal destruction of a human being conceived within a country constitutionally believing in the God given rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Abortion and the Bill of Rights cannot coexist. We either have one or a godless barbaric anathema called a soviet communistic, population-controlled enslavement of our precious America.


This population entrainment has led to a systematic breakdown of the American values underpinning our Constitutional Republic. We can’t have it both ways, we either do, or do not abide by the human code contained in our Constitution guaranteeing our God given rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Slavery, abortion, and racism are all antithetical to our unalienable rights guaranteed by our Bill of Rights under our Constitution.


Our Bill of Rights is what makes America exceptional and we American Citizens standing up for our Bill of Rights is what makes American Citizens exceptional. This is what causes Extremist Marxist NWO Globalist America haters in our midst to demonstrate maniacal Trump derangement syndrome disorder. Because the Trump presidency is the antithesis of everything they have been plotting against our Country and our way of life.


Their plan to destroy our America was working until Donald Trump was elected President. God Bless the USA and Donald Trump, our one greatest hope for Making America Great Again!    



January 1, 2019


First of all, Happy New Year from your friends at MasterMind to Personal Power, and the ThriveFactor.


It seems that we all become a little more philosophical around the annual transition into a new year. I’ve been thinking about my relationship with each of the members of these groups, and how we could all become more involved with the great conversation surrounding our awareness of where our Constitutional Republic is heading. (Sounds boring, but give it a chance, and keep reading.)


It’s interesting to me that being an American Citizen does not necessarily require knowledge of civics or even American history. I became aware recently that a young adult from our extended family attending college could not recall who was president of the United States during the civil war. It seems that while almost fifty percent of our population disagree with President Trump’s agenda, about the same percentage desire our country to move closer to Socialism[1]-[2] even though they cannot describe what that term actually means towards guaranteeing our freedoms under our Constitutional Republic. (It doesn’t)


By now your eyes are all rolling up inside their sockets while proclaiming “There he goes again.”


But seriously, if we don’t take a personal interest in our American experiment, who is going to defend our Republic? I could almost bet that the majority of our members are underinformed about the real history surrounding events in our country since the Kennedy assassination fifty-five years ago. How could you know when all the sources of information have been deliberatively propagandized to keep you ignorant of the facts?


But little by little the curtain of delusion has been pulled back by the alternative press revealing a troubling web of deceit and misinformation.


At the Thrive Factor, Inc organization, you will be immersed inside of a safe, truth-seeking group dedicated to helping you through the process of recognizing the factual Truth behind what has been perpetrated upon the American public. 


The good news is that you will emerge from this process as a fully-fledged American Patriot. You will know who you are. You will have a better grip on the history of America. You will understand and be able to communicate the issues facing our great country, and how our government is supposed to be structured and operated.


You will know what's missing and what's still there and what must be done. And every day while you are connecting with the Thrive Factor Trending News you will be empowered to be your best for your country while being a Patriot Entrepreneur. And the most important outcome will be that you and your network will be able to begin electing officials who will uphold the constitution and recreate our constitutional republic from the inside out.


Acknowledge here and now that 2019 is the year where we all start paying attention to the state of our nation and discussing what we need to do to put us all back on track to Making America Great Again. If the MAGA term rubs you the wrong way, I suggest that you read the three pages located on our HOME page at the ThriveFactor website here: Please Click Here


Believe it or not, we have all been lulled into a state of extraordinary mind numbness to different extents, and our younger generations are bored with history and correct knowledge because even the books we learn from, the news we read, and the TV programs we watch have become propagandized to dumb us all down to the realities we have been programmed to ignore and even laugh at. (See late-night TV programming to observe the Trump derangement syndrome operating at full intensity.)


You are being forewarned that by reviewing our website and trending videos located there, your family, friends, and contacts will consider you a little crazy and paranoid, like me. However, you are about to get some help in that there is a plan to turn around the thinking of our population called the “Great Awakening”. Check this short video out to get some initial insight about what is going to happen next:

Click Here Now!


Once your journey towards awakening begins, you are likely to go through a number of phases that most of us have encountered during our personal quest for understanding the TRUTH!


1.     Fear. What does this mean? Where are we? What's going [3]to happen? Who is in control? (During this stage people feel panicked, alarmed, insecure, paranoid like they want to bolt into the bushes, but most are sensible enough to know that there is nowhere to run)


2.     Anger. Who the hell is responsible for this? Who are all these people? Who or what is trying to harm me and my family and my country? Well, whoever it is, I want a piece! (During this stage people are in a rage. They feel betrayed, They, want someone to pay for this mess. They want the guilty parties lined up in front of a firing squad.)


3.     Cold Resolve. Whatever needs to be done, I am going to do it. I don't know what exactly to do, but whatever it is, I am going to do it. (During this stage, people are calm, but still running around doing this and that on a hit or miss basis, not connected with others of like-mind, but beginning to search.)


4.     Connection. Ah, so.... the dawn has broken, storm clouds cleared away, I know what is going on and I know generally speaking, what has to be done. I am finding other people who know what is going on and we are beginning to feel our way forward. (During this stage experience varies widely depending on local conditions and what organizations are operating and which people are active, but no matter what, there is comfort in knowing you aren't alone.)


5.     Testing. I begin to flex my muscle and exercise my God-given rights. I begin talking about these issues and the history I am learning to other people who are still asleep. I face rejection from some. (During this stage people find out that being an American requires hard work and determination and may involve sadness and losses of relationships as even loved ones and family members don't want to wake up.)


6.     Perseverance. I begin to harden and mature. I begin to realize just how precious freedom and property rights are, and how I and millions of others have been defrauded. (During this stage, people realize how naive they've been and how they have been unknowingly contributing to the evil, simply because they didn't bother to inquire, didn't learn their history, didn't care about government, and didn't think deeply enough.)


7.     Strength. I begin to be truly effective. I am not only master of my own situation, I begin to be able to help others. I find ways of dealing with the runaway government. I continue to learn and share and build back my country and my countrymen. (During this stage people still make mistakes and it is at this point that they are likely to get "over-confident" because they still need to dig deeper and better understand how the predatory class has manipulated our system to progress their evil agenda with impunity.)


8.     I emerge from this process a fully-fledged Patriot Entrepreneur. I know who I am. I know my history, my law, and how my government is supposed to be structured and operated. I know what's missing and what's still there and what must be done. And every day and in every way, I nibble away on it, like a mouse chewing down an elephant. I understand that the process is one of lifelong learning.


To become a full-fledged American citizen, you can immediately begin to understand the initiatives that President Trump is undertaking to restore our constitutional republic. Please thoroughly review section 2 on the Home Page of the ThriveFactorInc website.


If I’ve done my job correctly, your interest has been piqued, and you will now want to contact me at 310.947-5273 to begin the most important conversation of our lifetime.


The ThriveFactor is a new generation economic solution designed to create a new economy, community by community where we can once again regain our personal prosperity household by household.


Many of our citizens have been stripped of their livelihoods and are vulnerable to losing their homes, their families, and their sanity. Networking Entrepreneurs will organize us into safe, supporting, truth-seeking groups. These groups will encourage their members to become networking entrepreneurs and soon we will see a new vibrant economy emerging like the fresh new flowers of the new Spring Season.


So let’s start our own peaceful revolution this year. Pick up your phone and call me now. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Warm regards from Bill Hultquist






[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_socialist_states

[2] https://www.britannica.com/topic/socialism

[3] The following eight points have been presented by: reference


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