Thrive Factor Executive Summary


Preface to the Thrive Factor Program


One of the co-founders of Thrive Factor was greatly impacted with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He became aware that the news was not factual and that the American public were being deceived by their government.


Decades passed, and the situation didn’t improve. Our leaders constantly had us in wars we didn’t and couldn’t make meaning out of. Then we started to close our factories through trade agreements that decimated our middle-class communities. Our society began to weaken as our values and culture became systematically secularized. Abortion became legal and our schools and centers of learning came under the control of leftist leaning Marxist followers bent on liberalizing our newly emerging generations of young people.


Fifty-five years later our country has been severely wounded and the only way we can take it back and make it great again peacefully is at the polling place. But how can voters make the right decision when they have been mentally conditioned for fifty years that we need more of the same policies that created these conditions in the first place?


Ten years ago, our Thrive Factor founders began connecting the dots and developed a practical solution for this seemingly intractable dilemma. They asked the question, “How can we address the issue of voter ignorance of the facts while providing an alternative income opportunity for those millions of families struggling from under-employment in a depressed economy?” 


Their solution is two-tiered. Provide a Thrive Factor News Network where the Truth is presented daily for members that receive a worthwhile compensation for sharing the information with their social network of family, friends, work associates, and contacts. In this way, a patriot entrepreneur can establish his own business providing a substantial income while providing that same opportunity for everyone in his network. One individual can have a substantive impact on thousands of others as we learn and grow together while taking back our constitutional republic at the polling place.


Business Description:


Thrive Factor, Inc., (TFI), is a unique Internet-based world-wide Company organized for the purpose of empowering people with the undeniable Truth behind world events while helping them accomplish their personal financial goals.


Purpose: We are a global community of like-minded people dedicated to discovering and understanding the Truth behind historical world events while stimulating peaceful solutions through sharing the information with small teams of individuals desiring global peace. We plan to accomplish our purpose by creating an environment of harmonic cooperation among families, work groups, communities, and nations.


Vision: To help more than one billion people take possession of their personal powers enabling them to create an economy of abundance for all through creating a better, more conscious way of doing business and interacting with one another.  We are about having a transformational impact on our planet one person at a time through personally evolving from the inside out.


Mission: To provide TFI members the resources needed to create their own financial abundance through our powerful issues-oriented website, our powerful personal goal achievement system, and our easily duplicatable internet based business model.


We have formed small groups meeting for an hour weekly to listen to and learn from the Thrive Factor Movement videos and presentations. While it takes courage to face the Truth and create a new paradigm based on indisputable facts, it takes more courage to become part of a movement aimed at exposing the Truth to as many people as possible.


Because the “Truth” will set you free, our members are rejoicing in their new-found freedoms, and we are all closer and more open with one another because we learned that we are all facing the same challenges in life. We can now band together to form a huge network of closely united teams where we support one another’s dreams, aspirations and goals in a non-violent way by holding each other accountable for creating plans and taking the necessary actions to achieve them. 


•      TFI is an abbreviation for Thrive Factor, Inc. (TFI)

•      TFI is an Internet based community dedicated to understanding the factual Truth about the history of mankind while providing a practical financial solution to today’s realities.

•      Members meet in small groups for an hour weekly either physically together in one location or joined virtually online.

•      The meetings may have an agenda and cover a curriculum based on daily, Thrive Factor Broadcasts, research and reports.

•      Each member has one or more accountability partners to stay in touch with on a daily basis between meetings.

•      Each member commits to TFI’s “Power of Ten” daily personal and business development system.

•      Each member shares the Thrive Factor videos and philosophy with their personal and professional connections and welcomes interested responses from their network to participate in their weekly meetings.


We believe that by meeting and working together in small responsive groups we can provide new financial opportunities for millions of families slammed by our current worldwide economic difficulties. We have realized that by working together on a common goal we can create a new economic generator that will provide a financial safety barrier for TFI members.

TFI is an organization that enables and empowers individuals to turn their dreams into goals, and thus turn their goals into reality! It consists of a synergy of highly committed individuals who meet regularly in the spirit of unity, trust, and definiteness of purpose to share with one another their goals in the quest to help one another achieve their goals. This brain trust is played out through a creative thinking process supported by feedback, encouragement, integrity, accountability, and the pooling of various resources. 


TFI is derived from a deep and extensive research of history’s most accomplished individuals. It was formally introduced in the 1900’s by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich” who described this process as "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."  The wonderfully, intriguing part of this process is the application of a powerful phenomenon that Napoleon Hill observed, whereby as an “invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."


In essence, TFI is based on the premise that more can be accomplished in less time by working together.


At TFI, members will benefit through:

· A sense of direction and purpose

· A measurable progress in your business and personal life

· Creative thinking and problem solving

· An instant and valuable support network

· Networking Opportunities

· Inspiration

· Motivation

· Feedback

· Encouragement

· Accountability

· The realization and achievement of your greatest dreams


How it Works:


Each TFI group consists of committed members that meet consistently once a week at the same time and place or electronically by Skype or other online meeting software.


All meetings are balanced to provide time for participants to share their thoughts and observations. For instance, if there are 6 participants, everyone will have an opportunity to share their goals, progress, and areas of challenge with the group. The group collectively will then provide insight, feedback, and support in any way they are able. This circle of sharing and feedback last for an agreed upon time. The organizing leader of the group can set an agenda and suggest areas of research and study for discussion at next week’s meeting.


Our management team has observed throughout our personal lives that we all suffer from the neural programming of our youth.  We recognize that we all become what we think about yet for some of us, our thoughts are repetitive and revolve around a never-ending process of fear and anxiety-ridden thought cycles.  This process is so detrimental and destructive to human potential because it traps the individual into a mental racket that leads to attracting exactly what is feared.


One of the special objectives of TFI is to strengthen its participants with knowledge of the principles underlying the science of consciousness. Here’s the issue our management team observed.  It’s easy to watch the Thrive Factor videos and get all fired up about what our thought leaders are presenting. However, the positive energy from the thoughts generated from the Thrive Factor videos quickly evaporate as the person is once again bombarded by the overwhelming external forces of family and work-related issues and stresses.  The noise created by these stresses creates mental chaos and dissipates the creative process while mentally sucking the energy back into the worry and anxiety cycle mentioned above.


So, the strategic differential that can cause the Thrive Factor Movement to take hold and achieve critical mass is a process that helps members habitualize a series of processes and thoughts designed to protect their precious organism from outside stress invasion.


The TFI program has been designed to positively reinforce the goal achieving process by immersing members into a positive environment of the highest supportive nature.   TFI will accept membership of people wishing to accomplish their dreams from around the world.  Imagine becoming part of a worldwide organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of millions through the non-violent proliferation of the Truth. 


Products and services


The Thrive Factor Movement and its affiliated thought leaders have produced informational videos introducing members and potential members to the facts upon which our current society is being shaped. Members wishing to establish a Thrive Factor related business will announce the availability of this material to their social media networks. Interested viewers will be invited to an online meeting to discuss their impressions of the material and begin the learning process.


The market


Mature individuals are generally fed-up with the manipulation process that the mainstream media is engaging us in. The Thrive Factor introductory video explains why this is happening and people exposed to the Truth are going to experience an awakening and a period of adjustment as they have no choice but to run or face up to this actual reality paradigm impacting everyone alive today.


The implications are so disruptive to the average human that TFI will provide a sense of group therapy through the weekly meetings helping new members adjust to their awesome new reality. Man’s search for meaning throughout history has implanted a seed of curiosity in each of us that there is more to our lives than what most of us are experiencing.  Knowing the Truth and moving bravely forward creates a paradigm change in every person entering the transition from unaware to becoming cognizant of the facts and becoming determined to share this information with everyone in their personal network of friends, contacts, family and associates.


TFI recognizes that the most fulfilling experience in life comes from becoming self-actualized.  Realizing that we are not limited by anything more than our perception of limitation and freeing ourselves from our attachments to our past is part of the key to understanding the miracle behind the science of consciousness.


In conclusion, our market to begin will be targeted towards the people who voted for Donald Trump in our networks and who have expressed their interest in learning more about the Thrive Factor Movement because of their desire to take back the USA and re-establish their middleclass incomes in the process.




While there are literally hundreds of motivational speakers and guru leaders in the market, we have not come across a competing organization that offers the specific information and solutions stated above in what can be referred to as the “Thrive Factor Movement”. For a discussion of our business plan for thought-leaders please visit our website at: leader bplan




Operations can be defined as the processes used to deliver our products and services to the marketplace. Operations can include production of the TFI message content, delivery of services via internet podcasts and webinars, preparation of and distribution of weekly lessons and work sheets as well as Group facilitator notes and messages.


The TFI management team is staunchly dedicated to providing member services based on state of the art Internet technologies.  The TFI website will allow access for new members to register into their TFI group under a specific group facilitator.  Registration includes automatic monthly withdrawal of funds from member’s bank account or auto charge to their credit card.  The software behind this administration system will automatically calculate group facilitator commissions and auto deposit them into facilitator’s bank account.  A live 24/7 customer service function will be provided to members and facilitators in the event of a question or request for an adjustment in charges or commissions.


The TFI accounting system will be automated as well with a “financial dashboard” available on the TFI intranet, password protected.  Management will be able to track changes in membership statistics and income and commissions on virtually an instantaneous basis.  All periodic financial statements and balance sheet information will be available on the intranet as well.


All members and group facilitators will be tracked in an interactive database that will be responsible for daily, weekly, monthly and annual e-mailings and postings.  Administrative functions will include the preparation and sending of group facilitator lesson overviews, member lessons, weekly training videos, monthly interviews and motivational input, reminders about TFI podcasts, member updates, new member introduction and orientation materials, etc.  




TFI has been organized because there are millions of people around the world who thirst for the Truth and recognize the necessity of sharing that information with the world community.


Technology and mass disruption and relocation of manufacturing and administrative functions have driven down family incomes. These changes in our economy will be semi-permanent for many wage earners who find themselves under-employed.


The TFI business model has been designed to maximize wide-spread proliferation of the “Thrive Factor Movement” message while providing a stop-gap income for families in crises and an exceptional life-style income for members dedicating their lives to the cause.


TFI’s business model has been designed understanding human nature and its propensity to have difficulty with sustained movement towards the accomplishment of our goals.  The business model has been designed to provide each member with the continuous support required to achieve their goals:


The miracle of TFI operating as a Master-Mind Group.


The concept of the "mastermind alliance" was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic, "Think and Grow Rich," though mastermind groups have been around since the beginning of time.

Napoleon Hill wrote about the mastermind group principle as:

"The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

He continues ...

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind]."

There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group.

Mastermind groups offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group venue to sharpen their business and personal skills. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success.


Accountability Partners.


Within your personal TFI Truth-Seeking group you will choose one or more of your recruits as your accountability partners. Your TFI group will meet weekly and you will possibly be in contact with your accountability partners daily to discuss progress on your daily plan and task list.  You may have special friends or connections in your life that you encourage to join your personal TFI group as your accountability partners.


Group Facilitator.


Each TFI group has a group facilitator(Patriot Entrepreneur), whose purpose is to assure that each member gets proper time to discuss their weekly progress and receive input on that progress from the group.  Again, insuring that the TFI group delivers to each member the value and support to accomplish their goals.  The group facilitator receives a monthly commission for coordinating the efforts of the group. Commissions from your first two recruits will cover your personal monthly membership dues of $130.


TFI Mentors and Coaches.


TFI management in cooperation with the Thrive Factor Movement is attracting special individuals who will be interviewed and broadcasted over its Internet podcast.  The podcast will occur daily to provide up to date progress reports on new developments in the world. Interviews with celebrity guests will be conducted weekly and will be available for all to download and listen to.  It is expected that the weekly podcast will become a means of attracting and signing up new members for your TFI Truth-Seeking group.


Access to specific knowledge.


The Thrive Factor Movement website will continue to provide the specific information to help every member stay current with changes in world behavior patterns as the “Movement” goes viral and approaches critical mass.


Process of enlightenment.


TFI will also provide information and instruction on The Science of Consciousness for those members desiring a higher personal level of consciousness. This information will help you understand the workings of your Mind and how to harness its infinite power to manifest the life of your dreams.  This component will help you transform yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to become.  Confident, self-reliant and self-contained.


The ability of Member to become a facilitator of their own TFI group.


Perhaps the most personally rewarding achievement we can accomplish is sharing our new-found knowledge and energy with others.  It is anticipated that you will look to your LinkedIn and social connections and invite those closest to you to become members of your personal TFI Truth-Seeking group.  By starting your own group you are passing on the message to the next level who in turn may pass that message on further by becoming group facilitators as well.


The ability of Group Facilitator to realize a part-time income or full-time income.


Ninety percent of the monthly dues collected from members, ($117 per member per month) is paid back to group facilitators and their network as commissions for services.  In this fashion TFI provides an economic opportunity for group facilitators to earn a part or full-time income doing what they love the most, helping others succeed in the achievement of their dreams.  What a great career choice!


The above-listed advantages of TFI create a system of support so complete that members will experience transformational progress towards their goals and expansion of their awareness of the processes that lead to a coherent, calm, competent, self-actuated and self-confident individual ready to make a difference in the lives of everyone they meet.


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