Possible Outcomes that the Donald Trump Presidency may experience resulting from the expose’ of the Predatory Class[1]


The United States of America has been compromised and coopted by an elite group of billionaires who control our government through a cadre of operatives supporting their New World Order agenda. This alliance referred to as the Predatory Class is comprised of past presidents, cabinet members, senators, congressmen, agency heads, CEOs, educators, entertainers, newsmen and esteemed members of our American system from all walks of life.


The Russian-collusion Conspiracy theory hoax has been designed to prepare the American public for the impeachment or assassination of President Trump. The predatory class cannot allow the Trump administration to reverse their progress towards undermining the US Constitution through a well-orchestrated campaign of strategic initiatives launched over the last 150 years. Click here to review a list of Globalist Strategic initiatives.[2]


The Anonymous Patriots from the American Intelligence Media have put together an important article outlining the 12 steps required to overthrow the United States of America: 


And here are their recommendations for ending these 12 steps:


President Trump Dismantles the 12 Steps


The Anonymous Patriots have written before about what President Donald J. Trump can do to grab this bull by the horns and tame it. Essentially, Trump is doing the right things by going slowly, enforcing the rule of law, and carefully auditing and dismantling the mechanisms of globalism in the American political, economic, and cultural spheres. He has put everyone in Washington D. C. “on notice” and is threatening a sort of “mass firing” and the rehiring of honest politicians who have term limits, financial transparency, and honesty in their selfless service to the spirit of American freedom.


The steps are clear and simple and only require a thorough review of existing laws and a diligent application of them in all matters.  Investigations, audits, and criminal proceeding should take place within the defined limits of the law, but the law must be enforced without impunity.


Action Item 1 – Creating the U.S. Federal Reserve 

Audit, investigate wrongdoing, and then seize the assets of the Fed and surrender them to the US Treasury.  


Action Item 2 – Creation of the Council on Foreign Relations 

Disband the Council of Foreign Relations and create a national advisory board for foreign relations with only U.S. citizens (no dual citizens) as members. 


Action Item 3 – Creating the Exchange Stabilization Fund 

Take back control of the ESF from the CIA and put this office under the control of the U.S. Treasury without a Federal Reserve System or central bank system. 


Action Item 4 – Joining the United Nations 

Audit, investigate and prosecute criminal activities, and seize US funds being held by the UN.  End American membership in all aspects, branches, and agencies of the United Nations. 


Action Item 5 – The Birth of the Bush Criminal Family 

Thoroughly investigate all allegations of crimes and wrongdoings of George H. W. Bush.


Action Item 6 – Bush’s 911 False Flag 

Conduct an honest investigation of the attacks on 911. Prosecute the criminals found involved. 


Action Item 7 – Enacting of the USA Patriot Act 

Rescind the USA Freedom Act (USA Patriot Act) and all of its components. 


Action Item 8 – Enacting the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 

Create legislation that makes illegal banking practices and criminal stocks and market manipulation equal to terrorism.  


Action Item 9 – Broadening the National Defense Authorization Act 

Reinstate the language of the NDAA that existed before the Bush/Clinton/Obama White House broadened its scope and application. 


Action Item 10 – George Soros Conducts CIA Economic Terrorism 

Arrest George Soros as a criminal economic terrorist and seize his assets. Investigate all Soros funded organizations and prosecute criminals for conspiracy to create sedition, treason, and murder. 


Action Item 11 – The U.S. Intelligence Community Dismantles America 

Fire all corporate intelligence agencies working for the US government and replace them with military personnel.  Create laws against sharing US intelligence and enforce those laws. 


Action Item 12 – The Election of Hillary Clinton 

Seize all assets of the Clinton Foundation and prosecute Bill & Hillary for tax evasion and the misuse of a governmental department (presidential library commission).  Prosecute Hillary for using the State Department as part of her foundation solicitations. Prosecute Hillary for her mishandling of secret State Department documents on her personal server.



While the infiltration of the American way of life has been slowly but drastically changed over the decades, the purpose of this website and the Thrive Factor, Inc. company is to provide you with a means to acquaint yourself with the historical events leading to where we find ourselves today by weekly discussions with your Truth-Seeker group.


The objective behind this particular article is to speculate on the potential outcomes to our culture and society as a result of shining the light of truth on the activities perpetrated by the predatory class over these decades of decline. Without the disruptive force that Donald Trump is bringing to the Office of the President, the predatory class under Hillary Clinton would have been unstoppable in closing the New World Order noose around our necks. The extent of corruption, tyranny, and treason within our Country is so monumental that you won’t want to believe the facts we are going to have to share with you.


Your response and proactive membership in the Thrive Factor Movement will become the foundation upon which we will peacefully reclaim our Country and our Constitutional Republic.


Because of the Donald Trump Presidency, we are optimistic that the overwhelming odds against our Republic can be reversed by the light of truth shining brightly in spite of the propaganda being fed to us by the Mainstream Media. In order to control a population of citizens, the group looking to control the population must be able to squelch the truth and deceive the population into believing the party line. Dictatorships accomplish this by taking over and controlling all the means by which people attain knowledge of the activities taking place in their society.[3]


In this country, the elite predatory class owns the Mainstream Media and the entertainment industry and have systematically indoctrinated the American public to accept a liberal Marxist secular view of life which is contrary to the conservative values our republic was founded on.


Because the Mainstream Media is anti-American and a co-conspirator behind the New World Order, we cannot trust their interpretation of the events taking place in our Country and the world therefore the Thrive Factor News Network will work round the clock to bring you news and analysis from the worlds best thought leaders, investigative reporters, journalists, authors and commentators. Once the American public becomes aware of the MSM hoax, ratings will decline and news sources will be encouraged to publish and broadcast the facts or disappear. Real true economics!


Donald Trump through his tweeting of the facts has declared that the ‘Russian-collusion’ investigation will become the quintessential example of the MSM’s delusional narrative leading to their decline and defeat along with the treasonous Senior Executive Service operatives. It is highly possible that Donald Trump has lured the deep state operatives into believing that their narrative will be used to undermine the popular opinion of the president further encouraging them to implicate themselves in a false narrative that could lead to their demise once exposed as fake news to the American public.


What follows are possible scenarios needing to be addressed to rid our world from the tentacles of slavery under their agenda of a Globalist Marxist One World Order:


One World Banking – End the Federal Reserve – declare it unconstitutional – Rothschilds control of central banks in 87 countries comes to an end – the US Treasury issues new notes backed by US gold.


One World Government – Withdraw from the United Nations and establish a world consortium of free independent nations utilizing bi-lateral trade agreements.


One World Religion – Freedom of religion established and supported by all world consortium nations declaring the separation between church and state.


One World Control of Everything – regulations and the stranglehold of citizens – the ending of unalienable rights – becoming the slaves of the elitists – life without personal satisfaction and the inability of manifesting one’s dreams.


Elimination of the need for War:


North Korea – peace brokered by China and US to accomplish a reunification between North and South.


Middle East – Peace brokered by Russia and the United States - Palestine/Israel nation unites under one government and flag with freedom of religion.


Russia becomes America’s greatest ally.


China, Russia, and the United States form a cooperative alliance to bring Peace to the world.


Cleaning up the anti-American Republic mess:

            Enforce and strengthen immigration laws

            Arrest Mayors of sanctuary cities

            Arrest the Governor of California

            Build the Wall


Expose the crimes and Prosecute the operatives attempting to destroy our Republic through propaganda, treason, and conspiracy in the executive branch, legislative branch and the judiciary. When the public awakens to realize who the real criminals are within the Cabinet, Congress, the FBI, CIA, SES, and DOJ, they will be outraged and begin to demand justice. By then the military tribunals will have finished their fact-finding mission and justice can begin to be metered out.


Vet every governmental agency for credibility and contribution and eliminate agencies not required by the Constitution to protect the American way of life.


Intelligence agencies need to be streamlined and reduced in numbers.


Certain Governmental departments need to be removed because their functions rightly belong to the administration of the States. 


Shed the light of truth on anti-American Marxist Liberals attempting to destroy our Constitutional Republic and send them to prison for violating our federal laws:


[1] Predatory class includes the elitist billionaires and their One World Order operatives.

[2] Globalist Agenda

[3] Ominous Parallels






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