The Case for Considering a new

Income Generating Model

for the rest of us.


This message has been prepared for those conservative Trump voters disillusioned with the state of our American Experience. If you are not disillusioned with the course our country is taking, this website has been designed to inform you of the dangers lurking behind Socialism, the New World Order, and the United Nations Agenda 21.


It is time to consider a new Income Generating model that will help us rekindle the spirit of 1776. We will learn by visiting this website that our so-called leaders from the last several decades have successfully dismantled the middle class in our country while creating economic chaos and destruction to communities once involved with the automotive and other outsourced industries.


Communities once thriving with families, schools, shopping centers, and industry have been literally destroyed from lack of suitable technical employment leading to desperation, broken families, drug and opioid addiction, crime, gang infestation, and apathy.


Fellow Americans, We the People can and must do better for ourselves and our underemployed, unemployed, and “no longer looking” fellow citizens of this once dynamic and thriving nation.


We Can Make America Great Again, but we must not rely on President Trump to do everything for us because he can’t. The outcome to our myopic tendency to sit back and wait for things to get better is turning us all into pathetic thumb suckers.


The only practical solution is to organize ourselves into politically active truth-seeking groups within every voting district of the USA. It’s time we CTVs (Conservative Trump Voters), understand why we are being overrun at the voting booths and organize around reversing the process in 2020 and beyond.


Our journey of personal development starts by watching the epic documentary film, “No One Gets Out Alive!” produced by Walter Schmidt. This film will give you insights to what has really been happening over the decades since the assassination of President John Kennedy. This film will impact you in many ways, but the most important outcome is that you will want to share it with your loved ones as soon as possible.


Once you begin awakening to the reality of what has actually been happening behind the scenes while we were all working to raise our families, you as an American Patriot will want to get involved in addressing the issues behind Socialism, the New World Order, Agenda 21, geoengineering, the deep state, and all the rest.


One pissed off citizen of the world can do little to end the tyranny we have all been subjected to, but we have a choice to band together as citizens of the world to renounce the traitors and dictators scheming to enslave us in an Orwellian dystrophic society that you could not imagine in your worst nightmares.


Exposing the Predatory class by shining and sharing the light of Truth with millions of awakened citizens of the world will be accomplished by inviting your friends, family, work associates and social contacts to join the “Thrive Factor Conservative News Network”. (TFCNN)


TFCNN is a news network counteracting the liberal bias and mockingbird propaganda fed to the public by the highly controlled Mainstream Media. TFCNN is a social network with the technical capacity of Facebook without the CIA cardboard cutouts censoring the right to free speech. Conservative thought-leaders can form their own groups and post their latest videos without being banished.


To start the new network rolling, the new network will invite the over 60 million Trump voters to join. Working in conjunction with the ACU, (American Conservative Union), TFCNN will encourage members to become local Political Action Committee leaders in every community across the United States. These PAC leaders will form truth-seeking groups that will spread the word about our Country’s need to give Donald Trump the majority in the House and Senate to reverse the inroads accomplished during our mid-term elections towards Socialism, the New Green Deal and Agenda 21.


New members of the TFCNN will be encouraged to visit the Thrive Factor website as part of their awakening process. After reading the page, new members should watch and listen to the Craig Huey webinar to learn about the deep state and Donald Trump’s progress in taking back our Government. Joining a weekly Truth-Seeker’s meeting physically or online is your next step. You can call the company to be referred to a weekly Truth-Seeker meeting happening at a place or time convenient for you. The weekly meetings are organic to help you along your personal pathway of awakening.



After participating in the weekly Truth-Seeker meeting you may decide that becoming a ThriveFactor PAC leader is your pathway to a new life of independent income and wealth generation. Working with Thrive Factor is:


A real solution to helping our President Make America Great Again.  



If you think that sharing the facts about our need for a second American Revolution is selling than think again. Remember our forefathers were prohibited from forming discussion groups and sharing their opinions and frustrations with one another. This led to our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Sharing facts about what is really happening is as simple as handing out the link to the ThriveFactor website and Truth-Seeker meetings are as simple as discussing the contents of the weekly TFI video.


No one has to become an expert to participate in our American process of freedom of assembly and speech.


Members of your Truth-Seeker group will want to become Networking Entrepreneurs because they will want to participate in the income opportunity or not. It’s their free choice and in the meantime, they will become more knowledgeable about their responsibility to elect conservative constitutionalists to protect our Country from becoming a wacky California Socialist enclave.


By now, you are either inspired to learn more or ready to put your head back in the sand. The bad news is that we are very close to being overwhelmed by the Deep State and whether we believe it or not, Hillary Clinton was their appointed operative to take down the United States of America. The good news is, contrary to what you hear from the Mainstream Media, is that President Trump has a plan to reinstate our Constitutional Republic and Make America Great Again. You can learn more about his plan in detail at Click Here


And watch the twelve-minute video describing the plan: Click Here


And here is a detailed webinar by Craig Huey explaining the Deep State: Click Here


And here is a great panel discussion from our friends at the “New American”. Click Here


The Great Awakening begins with your patriotic actions to alert your family, friends, work associates, and social contacts about the dangers associated with the Deep State’s plan to bring about One World Order through their globalist Marxist Socialist Communist agenda 21 United Nations conspiracy. We cannot allow ourselves or our fellow Americans to fall for this conspiracy aimed at enslaving the human race for the enrichment of the Predatory Class.


And please let me know what you think about this message and whether you would like to join one of our weekly Truth-Seeker meetings to learn more and become a Networking Entrepreneur helping to save Western Civilization. (Or more than likely you will just sit on the sidelines sucking your thumb and complaining about everything that is going wrong with our country rather than getting involved and becoming part of the most exciting adventure since the original American Revolution. It’s your choice!)



“Giving people what they need will cause them to value you forever!”


And helping people find a new income pathway towards providing a living for themselves and their families will create a new generation of Americans experiencing Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of their Happiness at a level never before dreamed to be possible.


This is the time and the place in history to recognize the opportunity and come together in support of President Trump in making America Great Again!


Our Vision — A world free from the evil agenda of the elite predatory class seeking a new world order through the establishment of worldwide communism. To accomplish our vision, we have introduced an International Company,, dedicated to enlightening its members through an open discussion of the facts facing the global human race.


Our Mission — Accomplish our vision through a peaceful revolution of the citizens of the world becoming enlightened to the possibilities of living free of the tyranny and deception inflicted upon our innocent population for decades and even centuries. A new company, Thrive Factor, will provide the organizing principle to educate a critical mass of the world’s population to install freedom as the true north philosophy of life for the population of our planet.


Our Strategy — Enlist the help, support and financial backing of the top conservative thought leaders of our planet. Market our business plan directly to the followers of these leaders. Plan to recruit 10% or more of the followers of these leaders creating a critical mass of Thrive Factor members influencing our political leaders along the conservative agenda detailed in this document.


Introduce the thought leader’s followers and listeners to the unique Thrive Factor business ownership program where they can develop a personal income that can free them from the drudgery of every day, life-energy sucking, underemployment.


Our Tactics — Conduct information meetings for and with each of the thought-leaders directed towards their followers and listeners. Sign up new members under their favorite thought-leader on our website designed to help them manage their new business. Continue to develop new Thrive Factor business owners through a series of training videos delivered online through our website. Demonstrate how the Power of Ten training can significantly increase the income potential of Network Entrepreneurs.


Rationale Underpinning the Need to Establish Thrive Factor Inc.


Thrive Factor is a unique Internet-based worldwide Company organized for the purpose of empowering citizens of the world with the undeniable Truth behind world events while empowering them with awesome new tools to accomplish their personal and financial goals.


Why is this necessary?


The predatory class has aligned the government, large business, the financial systems of the world, the Military-Industrial Complex, Education, Mainstream Media, news and entertainment industries against the citizens of the world in an unholy alliance aimed at the enslavement of society for the benefit of a few.[i]


What can be done to stop their agenda?


The only way to reverse this agenda is to expose it and its perpetrators to the mass population by re-educating the citizenry of the world that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness will completely disappear if this predatory class of individuals accomplishes their objective.


The Mainstream Media are no longer relevant because of their extreme left, Marxist, liberal bias. Their globalist agenda has been adopted by many leaders of both parties selling out their Constitutional principles to become silent members of the predatory class while resisting and impeding, by all means possible, President Trump’s attempts to implement his inaugural promises.


With the deck stacked against the common man, we need to organize a peaceful rededication of ourselves to the principles behind our Constitution and only elect representatives to office that are similarly dedicated. The swamp can be cleaned and drained if we no longer tolerate career politicians to become institutions unto themselves dedicated only to their own personal aggrandizement and enrichment.


Therefore, we must peacefully replace and reform every aspect of our governmental system with fresh candidates uninfected with the politician’s predatory virus and remain ever vigilant for signs of infection in the future.


How can we accomplish this goal?


We the people need to organize ourselves around the true north principles contained in our Constitution. We must be open to hearing the facts and causes of today’s societal dilemmas and be willing to learn the solutions to overcoming the myopia suffered by our populace and demand that our elected officials implement new solutions to governing, education and addressing national and world conditions.


Awareness of an issue does little to address it and causes desperation and frustration if there is no solution. Most of us feel isolated in today’s society. Our individual voices are suppressed by overwhelming propaganda from mainstream media and entertainment.


We the people understand that to survive we spend most of our time engaged in an occupation sapping most of our time and energy[ii]. Most of us are forced into a reality of servitude and boredom providing little reward and enjoyment. Most of us now find ourselves under-employed and under-utilized relative to the skill sets we developed at an earlier age.


Most of our communities have been stripped of the manufacturing plants that once provided a middle-class way of life with a decent income and living standard.


We are searching for meaning in our lives and the knowledge of the truthful facts behind the events impacting our lives is a good starting place. Armed with the facts we can then legitimately begin to share our knowledge with our friends, family, and co-workers.


The organizing principle underlying the ThriveFactor business model is that people are more effective at creating change when they are a part of a motivated unit of mutually supporting members working towards a specific goal.


Therefore, the Thrive Factor Organization will recruit authors, investigative reporters, talk show hosts, academics and leaders from all walks of life to help identify and develop the Networking Entrepreneurs that will help awaken a citizenry lulled into lethargy by a propagandized media and entertainment industry conspiring to dumb us all down through misinformation, constant incivility, chaos, and confusion.


How do all these elements blend into the most effective means of creating a new economy out of the ashes we have been left within many of our crushed communities?


Here is a brief overview synopsis of how the Thrive Factor economic model will raise the economic opportunity for everyone participating in the process:


Thought-leaders identified above will advertise the Thrive Factor Business Opportunity on their daily video broadcasts and invite interested followers to attend a webinar, where the Networking Entrepreneur opportunity will be fully explained in a PowerPoint Presentation. Every Networking Entrepreneur can share this easy to understand, and exciting income generating plan with their family, friends, associates, and social contacts.



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