Our World as we know it has been entrapped in the clutches of a “Predatory Class”[1] bent on enslaving us all for their personal enrichment. Their lust for power and control must be curtailed if our beloved United States of America and the World is to survive!


While this revelation will shock and horrify you, nevertheless, it’s time to lift the veil of ignorance and free humanity from the grip of the predatory class by actively involving ourselves in the process of discovering the Truth!


There is a possibility outlined on this website that the USA and the world could be on the brink of heralding in a new generation of peace and prosperity, a renaissance and recognition of the renewal of the fervent desire of each human inhabitant of our planet to experience life, liberty and their personal pursuit of happiness while respecting those same God-given unalienable rights of others.


This mostly heretofore unexperienced dream for humanity can now be attained because humanities’ awakening to the Truth will defeat the predatory class by robbing them of their deceitful evil power over “we the people” because they can only prevail as long as they control all our mechanisms for obtaining knowledge.


But First, You Must Understand the reasons you as a citizen should read this document and be concerned?


Imagine you are President Donald Trump and your country, The United States of America, has been secretly run for decades by a small inside group of elitist billionaires controlling the banks and financial institutions of the world, the mainstream media, the government, the military-industrial complex, the entertainment industry and even the pharma and medical industries. This elite predatory class of individuals didn’t pick you, (Donald Trump), for president. They look upon you as the evil destroyer of their elaborate scheme to control the world and don’t intend to cooperate with you in any way.[2] Washington DC is the main swamp where they, (the elite predatory class), preside and operate and their minions populate the government agencies you, (Donald Trump), have inherited along with the security agencies you rely upon to make crucial strategic decisions regarding foreign and domestic policy.


The elite predatory class learned long ago that they could not take over our country and the world without employing the resources of a highly motivated cadre of inside operatives dedicated to destroying the constitutional foundation upon which our republic relies for its very existence. The Carter administration under the guise of reorganizing the civil service to improve government efficiency, created the Senior Executive Service, (SES) back in 1978. This group, now approaching 10,000 essentially control and run the US government. They are not accountable to anyone and individually make as much as the vice president of the United States or more, cannot be fired and receive their same compensation even after they retire. These operatives of the elitist predatory class carry out the agenda of the leaders of the New World Order, (NWO). This group, hidden in plain sight and unknown by the majority of the US citizens, have corrupted our government and treasonously sold out our resources enriching a military-industrial conspiracy to destroy our middle class while raping our country of its manufacturing plants, technology and jobs while inciting world-wide chaos potentially leading to a “Predatory Class” planned World War III.


You will learn as you peel back the layers of this evil onion how the Donald Trump Presidency is our last hope for reversing this tyranny before the Predatory Class and their SES cadre almost closed the trap by electing Hillary Clinton. We haven’t escaped the bullet yet, but you will see some possible scenarios that follow that could avert a devastating nuclear World War III and usher in a new age of peace and freedom once the predatory class and their SES minions comprising the deep state have been exposed and brought to justice.


[1] Predatory Class is defined here as the Khazarian Mafia. For a history Click Here.

 [2] Council on Foreign Relations


President Trump is surrounded by the SES swamp monsters installed and corrupted by past predatory class elite Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet members and government agency management and employees. The President’s challenge is daunting but he, like Winston Churchill is determined to deliver our country through the gauntlet of resistance challenging our right to be free. This document is prepared to aid in your awakening that it is time to reaffirm your role as an American Patriot supporting the second American Revolution.

Imagine that these elite predatory class individuals have been slowly, over many generations, destroying independent nations utilizing the military-industrial might of the United States to accomplish their agenda. The elitist predatory class’s agenda is a New World Order controlled by a centralized, globalist government enslaving “We the People” of our planet while reducing our numbers through war, disease, and poor nutrition. [1]

Imagine learning that this intentional agenda has been utilized for decades to control more and more of our population through dumbing us down[2] through a broken Marxist leaning education system, bureaucratic bias[3], misguiding us through a conspiratorial mainstream media[4] and IQ reducing vaccines and water additives.[5]

It must seem to be unimaginable that so many of us have laid down our lives in defense of false flag agendas because of our patriotism and support for the American dream. An American dream that unfortunately has been co-opted by an elite predatory class determined to destroy our American dream and replace it with a freedom-crushing worldwide form of Marxism called Communism. Imagining the nightmare of realizing the enemy is actually here right now dwelling among us and operating with impunity is horrifying enough. Now wake up to the realization that these imagined possibilities are in fact actually the truth!


[1] http://www.globalistagenda.org/


[2] https://www.amazon.com/Dumbing-Down-Curriculum-Compulsory-Schooling/dp/0865718547


[3] http://www.nationalreview.com/article/454361/peter-strzok-fbi-scandal-partisan-american-bureaucracy




[5] http://experimentalvaccines.org/2013/04/15/5-ways-to-lower-your-iq/



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