Trump Going to War with Deep State

Insider Warns: It Is about to Hit the Fan -- Things are about to Get Very Ugly

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New Information Confirms There Is A Major Political Reckoning On The Horizon And Things Are About To Get Very Ugly - Insider Warns: IT Is About To Hit The Fan May 20, 2018 Source: All News PipeLine | By Susan Duclos

Part 1: MSM Desperately Starts Spinning And Distracting From Huge News Revealing FBI Spy Infiltrated Trump Campaign To Frame Him Before Russia Probe Began Part 2: The Fallout- After the media went into meltdown mode in order to spin and distract from the blockbusting news that the Obama administration, via the intelligence agencies under his control, did indeed order surveillance on the Trump campaign before the official"Russia investigation" began as well as before and after the 2016 presidential election, a rapid series of articles, legal opinions, and reactions followed. One of which, perhaps the most in-depth and objective, came from Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, Jonathan Turley. I say Turley's reaction and commentary is the most objective because Turley is not what anyone would consider a "Trump fan," or on the "Trump train," but has always provided fair and balanced analysis on the legalities and optics of the whole Russia-gate issue. Turley's piece over at The Hill is titled "After year of investigation, Trump can rightly claim some vindication," in where he describes the most recent revelation that had the media immediately spinning tales, offering justifications, making sure to provide a take that categorically seemed "sympathetic" to the "deep state," all the while ignoring the ramifications of a sitting administration targeting a candidate from an opposing political party for surveillance, giving the appearance that much of the intelligence community was being used as a political tool to prevent the opposing party's candidate from winning a presidential election. Turley on why he feels President Trump "can rightly claim some vindication": The New York Times this week disclosed that the FBI made a conscious effort to use secret counterintelligence powers to investigate Trump officials and may have had a confidential informant who was used in connection with key Trump figures long before the November 2016 election. (Officials stated anonymously that this was a longstanding source who worked with both the FBI and CIA for years.) In early 2017, President Trump was widely ridiculed for alleging that the Obama administration placed his campaign under surveillance. The response from experts on CNN and other sites was open mockery. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper came forward to assure the media that he could categorically deny the allegation and stated, β€œThere was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign.” The range of media analysis seemed to run from whether Trump was a clinical paranoid or a delusional demagogue. We now know there was, indeed, surveillance ordered repeatedly on Trump campaign figures before and after the election. Rather than acknowledge the troubling implications of an administration investigating the opposing party’s leading candidate for president, the media shifted to saying that there was ample reason to order the surveillance. While the entire article is worth the read, we will jump straight to Turley's concluding paragraphs, which leads us to the instantaneous reaction to president Trump's announcement from today, which seems to have sent the MSM into yet another tailspin. As a nation committed to the rule of law, we need a full and transparent investigation of these allegations. All of the allegations. That includes both the investigation of special counsel Mueller and the investigation of these latest allegations involving the FBI. For many Trump supporters, this new information deepens suspicions of the role of the β€œdeep state.” If we ever hope to come out of these poisonous times as a unified nation, the public must be allowed to see the full record on both sides. Until then, many Americans across the country will continue to believe that, like β€œJumpin’ Jack Flash,” Trump was greeted after his election by being β€œcrowned with a spike” right through his head. Transparency. Legal experts, Trump supporters, congressional Republicans on oversight committees, have all been demanding transparency. The FBI and DOJ, have blocked congress from accessing documents, to the point where they have threatened to subpoena them and hold members of the intelligence community in contempt of congress for their refusal to provide the documentation needed for them to provide the oversight they are charged with.
Well, this morning, as part of a series of hard-hitting tweets, President Trump made an announcement that has Washington Post, the intel community mouth-piece, melting down. Trump said "I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!" In response to that particular tweet, former United States Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, predicted "Excellent! The s%^* is about to hit the fan. Watch the media desperately try to insulate Obama as the disturbing truth about the police-state Obama administration comes out."
It took a little bit over an hour for his prediction to be proven true as the propaganda arm of the "deep state," otherwise known as Washington Post, to publish their weak attempt to "insulate" the Obama administration, by hyperventilating about Trump's tweet, then claiming how it would be "more explosive" for the president to "order the Justice Department to turn over documents on the confidential source to Congress β€” which department leaders have said they are unwilling to do." Wait, what?? Yesterday's bombshells about a "source" spying on the Trump campaign at the behest of the FBI, before the Russia probe was even started, came in the form of a NYT article and four Wapo articles, in which they all described said source, in such a manner, that as The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald pointed out, that while they did not use his name they provided "so many details about him that anyone with Google would be able to instantly know his name." This is not about hiding a source. The MSM, with the help of anonymous intelligence community sources, already outed the source, while at the same time refusing to hand the information over to congressional investigators. The fact that they all basically sacrificed the source after such a long, protracted and very public battle about identifying the source, tells us there is something even bigger, much more damning and damaging to the intelligence community and specifically the former Obama officials, getting ready to drop. Whether that information will be part of the upcoming DOJ OIG report regarding misconduct on the part of the FBI, DOJ, and other intelligence agencies, or something else, is unknown at this point. Immediately following the Wapo article, the other propaganda arm of the intel community, the New York Times, jumped into action, claiming that Trump's tweet "went beyond his usual tactics of suggesting wrongdoing and political bias by those investigating him, and crossed over into applying overt presidential pressure on the Justice Department to do his bidding, an extraordinary realm where past presidents have rarely tread." NYT took their hyperbole even further than Wapo did, claiming Trump's demand "could force a clash between the sitting president and his Justice Department that is reminiscent of the one surrounding Richard M. Nixon during Watergate." Other freakouts include media personalities via social media, with MSNBC's Justice & Security Analyst Matthew Miller declaring that President Trump has "crossed the red line." BuzzFeed's legal editor Chris Geidner, states "The tweet could set up a constitutional crisis......" While a whole host of media personalities are running to protect the Obama/Clinton cabal of "deep staters," one of the most ironic comes from CNN analyst and liberal-leaning lawfareblog contributing editor Carrie Cordero, who says "The Department of Justice doesn't open investigations for political purposes, which is what the president says today he will order tomorrow. There are rules. And I'm convinced there are people left in this government who will follow them." Considering the investigation President Trump is demanding is into how the DOJ, under Obama, did open investigations into Trump campaign members being opened for "political purposes," which is now public knowledge, her assertion is actually laughable. Americans now get to see how opposed to transparency the liberal media is, to truth seeing the light of day and to governmental wrongdoings being exposed. Frankly this is unprecedented. It is unbelievable the lengths the liberal media is willing to go to prevent the American people from seeing how politicized the intelligence community had become during the Obama administration, to the point where they spied on an opposing party's presidential campaign, withheld information from the FISA court about who funded their "probable cause" (Steele dossier) to apply for a surveillance warrant, created the Russia investigation as an "insurance policy," in case Donald Trump won the 2016 election, and then the former FBI Director, James Comey admitted to leaking classified memos to a friend with the sole purpose of having his friend leak it to the media in order to spur a special counsel to conduct the Russia probe. The media need to be held accountable by their audience for their attempts to prevent their followers from learning the extent of corruption the media has refused to inform them of. There is a major reckoning on the horizon, not just for corrupt intelligence officials, former and current, but for the liberal media. Related Must-Read: β€œCollusion against Trump” timeline BOTTOM LINE - ANALYSIS ON TIMING President Trump's original tweets regarding being surveilled by the Obama administration before the election came in March 2017, so what exactly took so long to finally get to the point where everything is coming out now? A step back to look at the bigger picture and what has occurred over the last year-plus, provides us with some clues. In February 2017, described as the "bloodbath" at the State Department, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson cleared out the "seventh floor," who had previously been quoted as calling themselves "The Shadow Government." Since President Trump took office, we have seen a number of people terminated, including but not limited to Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, Former FBI Director James Comey, and Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. We have also seen a number of other FBI and DOJ senior level employees reassigned (Peter Strzok/Lisa Page), demoted (Bruce Ohr) and others taken out of positions of influence. During that time, President Trump has also set a record for the most ever federal appeals judges confirmed during the first year of a presidency, as well as a Supreme Court Judge. In other words, the president has re-positioned or removed Obama holdovers that could have influenced or obstructed a proper investigation, while re-balancing the courts that became full of liberal activists, while giving the DOJ Inspector General times to conclude his investigations into possible misconduct on the part of those intelligence members. The IG report is finished, has been handed over to the proper parties for viewing so that they can submit their official response to be added to the report before it is released publicly and word is, the IG has prepared criminal referrals in regards to their conduct in the Clinton investigation. The IG has also been tasked with investigating possible FISA abuses. Now that the intelligence community has been forced to admit they did indeed spy on the Trump campaign before the Russia investigation officially began, it is time to expose the rest, which is exactly what President Trump just announced he planned on doing. Things are about to get very ugly. [Update] Rod Rosenstein hasn't even waited for President Trump to officially order the investigation, he has already "asked the Justice Department's inspector general Sunday to review whether there was improper politically motivated surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016," according to Washington Examiner.

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