The Beginning of a Thousand Mile Journey

You are about to experience a change of consciousness and possibly become part of the new peaceful Second American Revolution.

Blog Post #1

A thousand-mile journey always begins with a single step. The information contained on this website and its implications for the human race is dire.

My personal journey towards the achievement of this website began on October 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX. As a young man the impact of the loss of our chief executive was stunning, but what impacted me the most, creating a lingering skepticism for the truthful description of events, was the obvious dishonesty and cover-up of the facts behind the assassination. The Warren report made it obvious that there was no transparency in our government and something terribly wrong was going on behind the scenes.

While the JFK assassination was pivotal in my personal awakening, it was only the beginning of a series of shady and undisclosed events which have led us to our current state of affairs. A state of affairs so complex and daunting that the average citizen beginning the exploration of the facts will find it literally impossible to sort out all the details behind the events. This website is dedicated to clearing the fog and deception by exposing the unfortunate facts and details in a format designed to raise your consciousness and inspire your hope that working together we can end the threat to mankind perpetrated upon us by a predatory class in existence for centuries. Enough is enough!

I only hope and wish for your participation in this peaceful second revolution of the American Republic. Working together we can achieve a great future for ourselves while making America and the world great again for all humanity.   

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