If you are unsure about taking a new direction in your life, please review the following: RISE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR before going any further.


As long as the Main Stream media reporters and journalists are subject to the financial control of the huge corporate interests our information and knowledge of events will continue to be biased and prejudiced leaning towards the Globalist One World Order Agenda. Our goal in developing the Thrive Factor News network is to provide you with an accurate and truthful daily accounting of the facts from a conservative point of view. There is a growing Alliance of reporters and journalists, authors and experts all collaborating to lift the veil of deception.


Whether you love or hate our new President, you and I need to stand firm on proclaiming enough is enough! If you are as fed up with the deception as the Patriots at Thrive Factor International, here is a proposal of an action plan to accomplish the re-establishment of a free and independent press.


Now let’s take a look at your personal possibilities in joining Thrive Factor Network. The purpose behind the Thrive Factor Network is to provide a personal motivation compensation component for forming truth seeking groups to become knowledgeable of the real facts behind the news unencumbered by predatory class propaganda. In order to accomplish a critical mass of our population knowing the truth and voting based on facts, the Thrive Factor Network provides a means for all of us to personally benefit as we develop our truth-seeking group and the members of our group will benefit as they develop theirs. Everybody wins that participates and our economy benefits as we increase our yearly earnings.


The TFI founders are aware of a sizeable consequence impacting America due to the exportation of manufacturing facilities to third world countries. Our middle class and blue-collar class have been replaced by a chronically under employed class of American citizens fed up with sub-standard incomes and declining economic opportunities for the future. 


Applying market research, solid business principles and logic along with successful entrepreneurial experience, the TFI management team has designed and developed a counter intuitive solution to the stagnant myopia America finds itself in. The TFI business model will provide an economic model for underemployed citizens that will return their income levels to middle class status while educating them to our need to return conservative values to the electorate and their elected officials.


By changing the political behavior of the electorate through the dissemination of true north conservative values, the United States will find itself becoming the beacon of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as an example to the entire planet. We all thirst for the exercise of our personal freedom and entrepreneurship is the way towards achieving that dream.


Warm regards towards accomplishing your goals!



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