Warning: Beware of the message preached by the Mockingbird Mainstream Media. It’s the siren song of Destruction.[1]


Those of you who know me are aware that I am the co-creator of the www.ThriveFactorInc.com website. Most of you who know me well enough are aware that I tend to go off on a rant about the Predatory Class controlling the world through their deep state operatives, and that these include many of our most respected and favored news reporters and leaders.


My personal experience as a Truth-Seeking investigative individual has been disappointing and discouraging. Social contacts, friends and even family members have distanced themselves from me after hearing me discuss the precarious state of our nation and suggesting they review the facts as outlined on our website. I walk our dogs every day around the Wrigley community of Long Beach, CA. I am unable to shut up about my quest to save the world through the Donald Trump Presidency and one by one friendly faces of neighbors have disappeared as I have related the unfortunate facts contained on our website.


It is an interesting observation that most of us Americans just want to get married, settle down into steady employment, raise a family and live our lives in relative peace and tranquility.


I completely agree with this philosophy of life, however, sometimes the course of human events determines a different direction because of circumstances beyond our control. Fifty-six years ago, on November 22, 1963, our President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. This moment in time changed everything in my life because it shook the foundations of my make-believe, Pollyanna world, I had been living in. Make-believe because it became painfully clear with the Warren Report cover-up that our Government was not transparent, and events were being controlled behind the scenes by a group of people with a different philosophy of life and agenda for America one-hundred and eighty degrees different from our citizens’ philosophy, and belief in God.


This is the place most of us still live in. We are hardworking, honest, peace-loving people attempting to do the best possible we can for our families, friends, our communities and country. Most of us sense that there is an undercurrent of discord in our country, but we remain unable to identify the WHY behind it.  Life today is more like being stuck on a rudderless raft in the middle of a raging torrential storm hanging on for dear life while being unable to take control of the outcome of our journey.


Being unable to have some control over the outcomes in our lives leads many of us into depression and deep frustration with our seeming inability to understand and get a grip on the realities confronting us from every angle. We cannot escape the realities behind this situation by sinking into the realm of alcohol or drugs. Actually, the only remedy is to become educated about the WHY, What, and Who is the causative factor behind the societal pain and suffering we are feeling.


You won’t be very happy about the answers to the questions stated above because you and I need to take personal responsibility for the mess we find ourselves in today. Contrary to what you’ll hear from your favorite newscasters and editors, we have been hoodwinked by a propagandized Mainstream Media controlled by their CIA handlers operating under the mockingbird agenda established in the 1950s to cover up covert actions of our government and the Military/Industrial entablement that President Eisenhower warned us about as he was leaving office. President Kennedy desired to expose the “Deep State”, end the Federal Reserve and withdraw from further action in Vietnam.


President Kennedy was assassinated to prevent him from accomplishing his agenda. Now, fifty-six years later President Trump has announced his desire to withdraw American troops from Syria and bring an end to the never-ending conflicts we have been involved in. “We the People” are not intentionally a warmongering nation. Our leaders co-opted by the predatory class elite billionaires have convinced us of the necessity to enter these conflicts. Most or all these conflicts have been engineered by the predatory puppeteers pulling our strings and making themselves richer and richer as they have taken over the control of the world utilizing their deep state traitors to carry out the evil acts necessary to accomplish their goals.


By now, if you are still reading, you are either inspired to learn more or ready to put your head back in the sand. The bad news is that we are very close to being overwhelmed by the Deep State and whether we believe it or not, Hillary Clinton was their appointed operative to take down the United States of America. The good news is, contrary to what you hear from the Mainstream Media, is that President Trump has a plan to reinstate our constitutional republic and Make America Great Again. You can learn more about his plan in detail at Click Here


And watch the twelve-minute video describing the plan: Click Here


And here is a detailed webinar by Craig Huey explaining the Deep State: Click Here


Please forward this message to your friends and family. The Great Awakening begins with your patriotic actions to alert your family, friends, work associates, and social contacts about the dangers associated with the Deep State’s plan to bring about One World Order through their globalist Marxist Socialist Communist agenda 21 United Nations conspiracy. We cannot allow ourselves or our fellow Americans to fall for this conspiracy aimed at enslaving the human race for the enrichment of the Predatory Class.


And please let me know what you think about this message and whether you would like to join one of our weekly Truth-Seeker meetings to learn more and become a Networking Entrepreneur helping to save Western Civilization.


Warm regards,


Bill Hultquist




[1] https://www.britannica.com/topic/Siren-Greek-mythology

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