Dear Mr. President, the digitally altered picture shown above is meant to convey to you what we are attempting to accomplish at the Patriot Network. YOUR REELECTION!


I am pleased to announce to you that our goal at the Patriot Network is to consolidate 100 million conservative truth-seeking Trump voters onto a platform where all the alternative press information sources are aggregated and available to all the patriotic citizens wanting to win our Republic back.


The Patriot Network will feature over 100 of the world’s leading thought-leaders and will provide a major opportunity for all of them to substantially increase their viewer base.


All of us patriots will also find the Patriot Network to be a place where we can speak our own thoughts without censorship, shadow banning or exclusion.


It’s time for all of us to experience the patriotic feelings and emotions that the founding fathers of our Great Nation experienced during our American Revolution. Each of us now have the opportunity to become a part of the second American Revolution in standing up for our declaration of independence, our bill of rights, and our sacred Constitution.





The Patriot Network is scheduled to go online this coming summer just in time to help you secure your second term and promote the candidacies of conservative leaders in every community across America. 


You can help us in our quest to support you by becoming a part of this history altering movement by signing up today as a beta tester at


Thank you for being our country's greatest American Patriot!


Warm regards,

William Hultquist, CEO

Patriot Network


It’s Time to Drain that Swamp!


September 11, 2019



President Donald Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500



Dear Mr. President,


An associate of mine sent me a link to one of your many motivational videos today. The concept of never ever, ever give up on your desire and goal to become what you believe you should be has always been a part of my character and personality makeup.


We have that in common, but you have driven the idea into the stratosphere because you have taken on the most advanced and most corrupt plot to turn our planet into their slave camp.


Whether you and I like it or not, the New World Order is already in charge. They have programmed our citizens through constant repetitive false information. You have been warning us for decades that we are being taken advantage of by our so-called trading partners, our press, our government, the central bankers, and even the leaders in our government that most of us thought were looking out for us.


You have put yourself and your safety on the line for what you believe in. I respect your cause and admire your Intense determination to make and keep America Great Again! You are the Voice of America! You are our last hope for turning the tide against the globalist Marxist Communist takeover of our planet orchestrated by the elite predatory class.


Most of us American citizens are unfortunately ignorant of the heinous harm perpetrated upon us by a propagandized press controlled by the predatory class. These evil perpetrators of a false narrative have been hammering you and your good intentions from the moment you sought office.


The MSM is completely complicit in undermining any outreach you are attempting to accomplish with the American public. They are scrambling your words to make you appear less than competent. I think, however, that your voting base is waking up to the fact you are surrounded by MSM news people and SES operatives dedicated to your demise and willing to dishonor you and your office with every step you take and statement you make.


There is very clear evidence because of the massive anti-Trump movement that you and the American Constitution supported by great American Patriots are our greatest hope and stand between our Constitutional Republic and the Globalist’s Socialist New World Order.


Our government has been confiscated and corrupted by 10,000 plus Senior Executive Service (SES) bureaucrats who pledge their allegiance to their New World Order handlers. These people have been obstructing you at every level and have weaponized our government to spy, plot your demise and bring down your administration aided by the MSM. Please drain them from the swamp by reducing  all SES personnel annual salaries to $1, and prosecute the gang of insiders by publishing the unredacted FISA documents.


As you have said many times over the years, “We are a nation of laws, and we must have a fair and honest system to enforce those laws and a judiciary dedicated to prosecuting offenders.” Our Constitutional Republic is in imminent danger as long as your statement is being ignored and abused.


We suggested in our last letter dated September 1, 2019 that you are our “Voice of America!”, and as such you ought to be presenting a weekly “fireside chat” to discuss steps being taken and steps yet to come from your amicable personal style without wacky questions coming from left-wing socialist sympathizers. We are further recommending you broadcast this chat over a new social conservative network, “The Patriot Network”, heralding in a new Second American Revolution demanding Freedom and a government that represents us under a Constitutional Republic.


Our team is prepared to implement the Patriot Network. We will recruit members from every voting district across America with the mission to provide you with a Congress vowing to support a limited government conservative constitutional republic. Their true purpose described as representing the Voters behind the Trump inaugural address and agenda for Making and Keeping America Great Again!


We will never ever, ever give up attempting to contact you and look forward to helping you take back our Country by implementing our eight-point plan. May God Bless you Mr. President and grant you the resources to accomplish your mission.


Warm regards,



William Hultquist




Melania Trump

Ivanka Trump

Sara Trump

Eric Trump

Donald Trump Jr.

Michael McKibben

Douglas Gabriel

Tom Fitton

Matt Schlapp

Charlie Gerow

Richard Viguerie

Jim Jordan

Dan Bongino

Dave Janda

Greg Hunter

Alex Newman

Stephen Meister

Tucker Carlson

Sean Hannity



President Trump, "The Voice of America"


September 1, 2019


President Donald Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President,


In our last letter to you dated August 26th we stated that according to the investigative evidence contained in the documentary film, “No One Gets Out Alive!”, and detailed on their website by the same name, the Central Bankers, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Committee of 300, and the United Nations are already running the New World Order.


By the implication of their actions concerning geoengineering, bioengineering, calling for Socialism, everything for free, and the new Green deal and Agenda 2030, it has become obvious that in order to secure our freedom under our Constitution, the Central Bankers, the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, and the SES must all be de-platformed by cutting their funding, interest payments and restoring the control of our monetary policy to the US Treasury Department under a gold standard backing the US Dollar.


We can’t let the Central Bankers initiate a new world order monetary currency. Their aim is the control of everything, and we must take actions rendering them in control of nothing. Action plan can be found at:


We ended our last letter to you by saying we are slowly waking up to the consequences behind this horrendous New World Order conspiracy.


Mr. President, don’t you think it’s time to disclose the facts, distribute the documentary “No One Gets Out Alive!”, get the American voters discussing and understanding the issues, voting the treasonous Marxists out of office, and taking back our beloved Republic?


Disclosure of the facts is important, however, in a situation as dire as we as a Nation and the world are facing, extraordinary interventionary measures must be undertaken to involve the untapped energy and power of our American Patriots to rise up as a group in support of your cause to “Make and Keep America Great Again!”.


The first measure we are suggesting as an immediate overdue action is to create an alternative social network where conservatives can be in contact with like minded citizens of our world rejecting the New World Order and establishing a world-wide communication system where all peoples from our planet desiring peace and prosperity can comingle without fear of becoming de-platformed.


The New Social Network Platform can become operational within three months of funding and will offer and incorporate all the capabilities of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without the left-wing censors of free speech guaranteed by the first amendment of our Bill of Rights.


The alternative free press thought leaders will be joining in the cause to create a conservative tsunami that will keep you in office while electing conservative constitutionalists to enact your legislative agenda to Make and Keep America Great Again!


Their followers will be invited to join the “Patriot Network” and get involved in the “Great Conversation”, a weekly “fireside chat” between you, Mr. President and your loyal and dedicated sixty-five million voters steadily growing as you disclose the facts  and actions taken during your weekly broadcasts.


Mr. President, you have led the way towards informing the American public that the MSM news is fake and intentionally deceptive. The Patriot Network will help disclose the facts and create real transparency which will help in regaining the public’s confidence in our government.


Also, the alternative press joining with you on the Patriot Network will help re-educate the public in every voting district across the USA that “We, the People” are responsible for the government we now have and must elect constitutional conservatives to office to take back our Republic and keep it strong.


We are further proposing that members from the Patriot Network form truth seeking groups in every voting district across America discussing the topics of your “Great Conversation” weekly meetings. Our Country needs to become organized around you Mr. President because you are our only shining hope for leading us out from under the dystopian future guaranteed by the Globalist’s New World Order conspiracy.


In Summary we recommend the following actions be taken:


  • Unredacted Disclosure of the FISA Documents.


  • By Presidential order reduce all SES personnel to an annual salary of $1.


  • Absorb the Federal Reserve into the US Treasury Department.


  • Issue new US dollars backed by gold.


  • Declare the US debt unconstitutional and dissolve it.


  • Announce our intention to cut off funding and withdraw from the United Nations.


  • Immediately halt any and all atmospheric dispersions over the USA.


  • Reverse the laws protecting Monsanto-Bayer use of Round-Up and GMO seeds.


  • Unseal the indictments prepared to prosecute enemies of our Country and try them by military tribunal. Send them to Guantanamo Bay.


  • Un-weaponize the military control of weather.


Mr. President, you have already delivered over sixty (60) major accomplishments during your Presidency.


The Central Bankers are responsible for the never-ending wars and these measures described above will disconnect them from their means of continual control of the world’s economies. Freezing their assets will prevent them from crashing our stock market while you dismantle their operations.


Millions of patriotic American citizens want you to win big and take back our Country. Proposals suggested here will help us unite within a powerful conservative network.  A national dialog where you share your thoughts with us will become an inclusive society of like-minded American Patriots standing with you to eliminate the dangers described herein.


Mr. President, you have truly become the “Voice of America[1]!”. God Bless you and your dedication to “Making and Keeping America Great Again!”.


Warm regards,



William Hultquist





Open Letter to President Trump


August 26, 2019


Dear Mr. President,


According to the investigative evidence contained in the documentary film, “No One Gets Out Alive!”, and detailed on their website by the same name, the Central Bankers, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Committee of 300, and the United Nations are already running the New World Order.


Geo-engineering is proceeding with its atmospheric injections of materials toxic to humans and all life on Planet Earth.


Bioengineering is controlling our food supply and poisoning us.


The Mainstream media is gaslighting us with false flags and fake news.


Social media is shadow banning and restricting raw factual information from reaching us.


Your Cabinet members are ignoring your orders to release documents incriminating their crony SES, deep state operatives.


Open violators of the American Justice System are allowed to continue with Impunity while you are continually attacked by the MSM and Congress with false accusations threatening impeachment.


Millions of our youth educated under our government-controlled education system now believe we should have everything for free under a system of Socialism whereby we will gladly give up all of our rights in return for government protection and ownership and control of everything. Communism.


Your campaign message, rightfully so, is composed of positive, patriotic rhetoric designed to uplift our population from the mind-numbing hypocrisy experienced during the Obama era. But again, a great deal of our younger programmed generations is having nothing to do with your message because they read and listen to the gaslighting being delivered online by social media and the MSM. They consequently hate you and condemn you as a racist for your policies on immigration.


Thank you for your stand on sovereignty and protection of our borders. You have not manufactured a crisis, the Marxist Communists intent upon taking down our Beautiful Constitutional Republic are using an invasion to manufacture a crisis.


Meanwhile, the Central Bankers, who own the USA, and control our Country through their Federal Reserve and require us to pay them their unearned interest through their Internal Revenue Service, can crash our economy at their whim by selling off their stocks, bankrupting our middle class, and buying back even more of the huge multi-national corporations at depressed prices like they have done decade after decade.


We the people have no defense against these attacks on our economy. The Central bankers want all of our assets and have contrived a New World Order to strip us naked of resources and to become totally dependent upon them. Shockingly, the new rulers of our planet believe that 95% of us must die in order for them to survive.


The problem remains because the Predatory Class, the establishment in Washington, DC, and the deep state strongly ensconced around you plan to never let you disrupt the way they have conducted business since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He like you wanted to end their influence on our beautiful American Republic.


I know these words must fill you with anger and frustration because you are a good man, Like George Washington, and want to save our American Republic. However, you can’t do it by yourself. To save our Republic, American citizens must understand that they need to vote for Representatives and Senators pledging to stand and vote for limited government and conservative constitutionalism. We need to take back our Republic by knowledgeable voters helping to educate people in their voting districts. Candidates need to be vetted according to their pledge to support our constitution and their previous voting record on the freedom index.


Here is the link to the Intro Reel.


We are slowly waking up to the consequences behind this horrendous New World Order scheme.

Mr. President, don’t you think it’s time to disclose the facts, distribute the documentary, get the American voters discussing and understanding the issues, voting the treasonous Marxists out of office, and taking back our beloved Republic?


Warm regards,


William Hultquist



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