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10. Israel Under Attack: 10 Surprising Truths About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict the Media is Hiding or Distorting

The progressive media, the UN, and many US. politicians are attacking Israel … as the Palestinians have escalated their all-out assault against the existence of the Jewish nation.

There are vast differences between our western culture and the cultures of the Middle East and the Far East … and it’s important that we understand and respect those differences.

If you want to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, learn those differences....

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9Post Office: Trump Moves to Stop $65 Billion Bailout and Spark Innovation


The United States Postal Service is appallingly dysfunctional.

  • It wastes your tax dollars with inefficient business practices and wasteful spending…

  • It’s headed towards a $65 billion taxpayer bailout…

  • And, typical of any bureaucracy, it’s resistant to any sort of change or positive progress…

Now, President Trump is taking action against the incompetency and wastefulness of the USPS, proposing to privatize the post office in a massive restructuring....

Here are 10 powerful reasons that postal reform is desperately needed…

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8My Fox Interview: People Aren’t Safe [Video]


I was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Varney & Company.


The topic was the spike in crime caused by sanctuary cities and judicial activists.


No one is safe in a sanctuary city or state.


No neighborhood is safe.


No school is safe.


You can’t let kids go to the park, school or even play in the neighborhood.


Your family and property aren’t safe, yet the progressive politicians rejoice.


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7Historic and Powerful: 6 Surprising Things You Should Know About My Invite from the State Department [Religious Freedom Video]


I’m at the private and historic invitation-only briefing at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C.

 Shelly and I are with 350 world leaders – representing 90% of countries worldwide. These include government leaders, religious leaders and human rights leaders.

Let me explain...

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6. Disturbing: 5 Dangerous Reasons ‘Single Pay’ Healthcare Will Hurt You and Your Family [Video]


The media and politicians are pushing a “single payer” healthcare system since the “repeal and replace” of Obamacare failed in Congress.

But single payer healthcare would be a disaster for you and your family… 

And it would be destructive for America, our economy and for medical innovations. 

Here are 5 dangerous consequences of single payer healthcare that the media and the politicians aren’t telling you:

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5. Deep State Exposed: 7 Disturbing Realities You Haven’t Been Told [Videos]


Ever since he became President Trump, ideologically-driven Deep State bureaucrats in government have been doing everything within their power to undermine him … to convince Americans that he is unfit for the presidency … and ultimately to remove him from office. 

Here are 7 disturbing realities you need to know about the Deep State and its involvement in the Russia collusion narrative...


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4. Disturbing Reality: My Fox Interview on How Voter Fraud Perpetuates Progressive Control of State Government [Video]


The reaction to my interview on Fox Business News went crazy … and viral.

Let me briefly explain … then watch the 3 ½-minute video below…

Progressive Democrats and socialists have a perpetual stranglehold on the legislatures of some state governments.


Much of the reason has to do with two types of systemic, ongoing voter fraud:

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3. Anti-Semitism Exploding in America: 6 Things You Need Know


There is no denying that an alarming rise in anti-Semitism is taking place in the U.S. There’s no disagreement about that.


There is a dispute, however, over what’s causing it.


Progressive politicians and their progressive media “cheerleaders” blame President Trump…


They blame his rhetoric … and they even go so far as to accuse him of being anti-Semitic himself.


Here’s a recent example…


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2. Student Loan Debt Bomb: 3 Shocking Truths about How the Government Caused a Crisis – and is Making it Worse


What used to be a minor inconvenience for college graduates – paying off their college student loans – has now become a full-blown crisis…


Nationwide college student loan debt has soared from $517 billion in 2006 to over $1.5 trillion this year … a 300% increase in 12 years!


Put another way, college student loan debt is more than 1/3 of the entire projected federal tax revenue for fiscal year 2019!


The cause of the massive debt increase over the past 12 years? The federal government.


Here are 3 shocking truths explaining how – and why – it happened:


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1. Election Surprise: 7 Things You Need to Know About How the Progressives and Socialists Plan to Win in 2018 [Video]


If the progressives and socialists retake the House and Senate in this November’s midterm elections, it will be a major setback for:

  • Religious liberty

  • Economic growth

  • Entrepreneurship and job expansion

  • Tax reform

  • Education reform … and more

But they don’t have to win … they can be defeated…

A major requirement in successfully combatting any adversary is to know the characteristics of the adversary and the tactics it uses. Here are 7 tactics the progressives are using to give their candidates the best chance of winning... 

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