The COVID 19 Pandemic is the pretext for the New World Order globalist crowd to form a World Government under the United Nations and enforce complete control of everything and everyone under the guise to protect us. This form of Machiavellian treachery is better known as Communist Totalitarianism. (Research the prior Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela.)


The Military-Industrial Complex is the International enforcement arm of the New World Order that does not report to any country. (Research geoengineering to get a better understanding of how these monsters are destroying our biosphere while they are blaming climate change on CO2, plant food!) CLICK HERE


In addition, they are destroying everything precious to Americans by causing divisive issues that are separating us rather than unifying us. (The mark of the devil) CLICK HERE


Someday soon, if we do not immediately wake up and understand the severity of our current situation, we may all regret sacrificing our individual sovereignty. When the facts are finally unraveled from all the hyperbole, “We the People” will come to realize that we have been manipulated and lied to by our elected politicians, the Mainstream Media, our professors, and trusted mentors and advisors. [1]


Our friends, family, work associates trusted mentors, and advisors have been compromised by the same sources listed above so that we have all become willing accomplices of the untruths permeating our culture and proliferated by one and all.


To make my point, what do you think you know about what actually happened behind the assignation of JFK?  Vietnam, all the wars, the conflicts, our invasion of the middle eastern countries.  Who is really calling the shots? We Americans do not desire conflict with other nations. What do you really know and understand about 911, the Las Vegas massacre, the treatment of President Trump since his election? [2]


You only know what you have been told to believe by the Mainstream Media because the MSM personnel are required to report what they are told to report. That is why all MSM reporting is the same. Propagandized reporting is fake news.


Fake news does not report the facts. The news is slanted to imply through innuendo, for example, that President Trump is a racist or traitor. This is because President Trump is opposed to the Globalist UN Agenda 21 anti-Constitutional plan for a New World Order, therefore, he is the enemy of our enemy.


These leftist traitors are the enemy. They cannot allow free speech and the practice of our unalienable rights because they are the predators who plan to exterminate the majority of us and plan to enslave the remainder of us through control of everything including our lives.


The latest scam will surely cause you to experience a major episode of cognitive dissonance. Just listen to the following two videos detailing the true agenda behind the COVID 19 scheme to wreck the world economy and trash our Bill of Rights.[3]


You will be outraged because the material covered in the videos conflicts with your paradigm concept of the world, carefully implanted in your experience over your entire life.


I can predict you saying, “Come on Bill, you can't be implying that this whole COVID 19 quarantining of the world is a hoax? You are telling me that our entire world population has been hoodwinked into a dystopian scheme to shut down economic activity and drive us into the 2030 scenario where we are dropping like flies from insecticide spraying (atmospheric insertions) and flying into electronic bug traps (5G).


Oh WOW! Bill has obviously become a conspiracy theorist. This cannot be happening. (Here is what my friends and family are saying.) I watch TV and read the papers and talk to my spouse and neighbors and they know better. Bill! You are sick! You better shape up quickly or we will not allow you to return to society. In order to work with others, you will need to be vaccinated and prove it by displaying your chip to their recognition system before you can enter your workplace, buy food or get on a plane or train. There you have it, they will be protecting us from the scum refusing to succumb to their protective custody.


It’s time to lift the veil of ignorance and free humanity from the grip of the predatory class by actively involving ourselves in the process of discovering the Truth. The USA and the world could be on the brink of heralding in a new generation of peace and prosperity, a renaissance and recognition of the renewal of the fervent desire of each human inhabitant of our planet to experience life, liberty and their personal pursuit of happiness while respecting those same God-given inalienable rights of others.


This mostly heretofore unexperienced dream for humanity can now be attained because humanities’ awakening to the Truth will defeat the predatory class by robbing them of their deceitful evil power over we the people because they can only prevail as long as they control all our mechanisms for obtaining knowledge.


Never fear dear readers, if you continue to ignore the obvious conditioning you are being subjected to by the Mainstream Media and the far left leanings of your city mayors, State congressman, Governors, and the “Swamp” in Washington DC, it won’t be long before you will be unable to think for yourself and everything will be tranquil and you may not be aware when your end comes, just a long well-deserved sleep.


But have you been thinking for yourself or do you let the Mainstream Media tell you what to think? Maybe it is too late!


Let the Anthem play on and on. A short video about chapter 1 of the novel by Ayn Rand, well worth your time to explore. Click Here


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Warm regards,

Bill Hultquist, CEO

Patriot Network


[1] A documentary by Janet Ossebaard giving you an in-depth analysis of the insanity we are all facing at the hands of the evil predatory class. CLICK HERE

[2] A plausible explanation of what Donald Trump is really up to. CLICK HERE





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