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Some words of encouragement while you are considering joining the Thrive Factor Next Generation of Networking Entrepreneurs:


            “Give people what they want, and they will like you for now.


            Give people what they need, and they will value you forever.”

                                                                        ~ Simon Sinek

Dear Fellow Americans,


The message in the quote above by Simon Sinek is critical to your personal future. The buying power of the US dollar is declining while most of our wages have remained stagnant for decades. Our middle class and our precious skilled crafts sector have been decimated by the exportation of our manufacturing sector while individual investments and 401K savings are periodically being wiped out by stock market crashes.


America has changed and not for the better. Something is happening and most of us are too busy raising our loved ones to notice. It happens to us all, and for the sake of our loved ones, family, friends, and associates, it’s time to have a frank discussion of the harsh realities and what we can do about it as private citizens of a country we want to make great again.


ThriveFactor has been created for the express purpose of creating a new thriving economy in the midst of a shrinking opportunity zone. Low paying employment and under-utilization of an individual’s true potential lead to desperate consequences because we are all wired to dream and strive to attain our highest potential in life.


So, borrowing from Simon Sinek’s quote listed above, if we can work together as citizens and cooperate in a national mission while creating a new income for ourselves that will alleviate the pain of our lost and destroyed way of life, we can all find a new way to live together in harmony and hopefulness for our children and their futures.


This is the mission of ThriveFactor, Inc.


It’s a very positive message in spite of all the negatives you will endure during your journey towards awakening. The Truth about how we arrived at this point must be shared with you otherwise you will continue to be delusional about the facts, and the truth will be upsetting, but, will set you free, and then we can move on from there to create a better world for you, your children, and all of us citizens of our planet.


Please realize that this is the most important undertaking of your life because the future of our existence on this planet is at stake.  The future and freedoms we have enjoyed under our constitutional republic are about to be eradicated by the deep state. The criminal elements in our government have been identified and it is time to stop their conspiracy.


The deep state has been in charge of our government for decades and has co-opted many of our congressional democrats and republicans. The deep state has intentionally created misinformation to confuse and set democrat against republican, white against black, religion against religion, man against woman. We must understand that these tactics are destroying us from the inside out by eradicating the Christian values our nation was founded upon.


We all need to awake to the reality of what is happening and get together as one nation under God to reestablish our inborn patriotism and love of USA. Please review the information at this website on our home page and let's unite under our flag behind our President and pledge to rid our government from the scourge these Globalist Marxist traitors are perpetrating upon us. Time is running out because this predatory class is desperate since President Trump took office and they are well along in implementing their agenda. President Trump is our only last hope for surviving the fate they have in store for us. Please read on to better understand. It’s in your best interest!


So, we can help each other by working together to form a new economy based on our relationship to one another and our desire to create a future for our families. By uniting under our flag and committing ourselves to our national interest we will all become one for the betterment of our country and all of us living here. The USA will become a beacon of light spreading its message of freedom upon the entire planet and we will free ourselves from the predatory class and their evil agenda.


Let’s get started and move on as one! Men, women, democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, independents, race-neutral and religion-neutral as long as their religion doesn’t violate the unalienable rights guaranteed by our constitution.


Let’s all get together and drop the petty differences and recognize that we are all looking for the same thing in life. Love, happiness, and connection to one another.


Gloria in Excelsis Deo


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